Nomination and Election Committee


The Nomination and Election Committee are responsible to oversee the entire Nomination and Election Process. This includes:

  • Submitting a slate of officers to the NEFS Executive Board every year
  • Confirming that all nominated candidates are (only paid) members
  • Review the qualification of all nominated candidates sent in by the general membership
  • Make sure all candidates understand the responsibility associated with the specific position
       they have been nominated for, that includes understanding the details associated with serving
       on the Executive Board of Directors.
  • Make sure only members of the society are involved with the Nomination and election Process
  • Only outgoing positions are being filled
  • The Nomination/Election Committee can solicit additional qualified members to fill the various
       open positions; i.e., Treasurer
  • Create a ballot for the election that is appropriate for the needs of the society.
  • Confirming the ballot outcome

The newly elected officers will be notified prior to the meeting and introduced at the meeting. Following the election process, all newly elected and appointed officers will be presented with a folder that includes the “Duties of that Office” and the society “Bylaws.” 

2019 Nomination and Election Committee Members 

* The Current President - Jennifer Brown, MD
* Immediate Past President - Denny Sakkas, MD 
* Board Member appointed by the president: Paula Dwan, WHNP
* General Membership person appointed by the president: Kathy Go, PhD
* General Membership person appointed by the president: TBA
* General Membership person appointed by the president:  TBA
* The Executive Administrator will work closely with the committee and attend the committee
   meetings as a non-voting member.

Nomination Process
The Nomination Process is announced at the 3rd quarterly meeting and the Ballot results are announced at the last quarterly meeting. The deadline for receiving nominations will be no later than 1 month prior the fourth (4th) Quarterly Meeting. The timeline will be explained at the third (3rd) Quarterly Meeting to the entire membership and again via email following the meeting. All Nomination and Election information will only be sent to only paid members via email. All information is time sensitive.

The NEFS Executive Board then approves the slate of officers and a ballot is sent to the membership preceding the last Quarterly NEFS Meeting. Where officers are to be elected by members or any class or classes of members, such election may be conducted by email in such manner, as the Board of Directors shall determine.

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NEFS Bylaws 

Review the fundamental principles and rules regarding the internal management of the New England Fertility Society. View Bylaws

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