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Selwyn P. Oskowitz, MD

Selwyn Oskowitz Endowment 


The New England Fertility Society was founded by Selwyn Oskowitz, M.D., who dedicated the society to promoting awareness, education, and exchange of ideas among providers, the public, and ultimately patients in the field of infertility in the New England area. One of the founders of Boston IVF, Dr. Oskowitz has been in practice for over 25 years and is beloved by colleagues and patients alike. A pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine, Dr. Oskowitz has the distinction of delivering the first baby conceived by in-vitro fertilization in Massachusetts, as well as achieving the first conception and birth by Gamete Intra-Fallopian Tube Transfer (GIFT) in Massachusetts.

To honor his legacy, the NEFS has established the Selwyn Oskowitz Endowment to sustain in perpetuity the mission of the NEFS to educate professionals in reproductive medicine. The Endowment consists of donations and funds set aside for permanent investment in order to produce a dependable stream of annual operative income for the NEFS, with the goal of reducing dependency on external fundraising that may vary from year to year.

The NEFS deeply appreciates the generosity of donors who support our mission. With gratitude, we honor endowment donors by listing their names in our Endowment Quarterly Report. Requests for anonymity are strictly observed. As the Selwyn Oskowitz Endowment is a 501(c)6 not- for-profit organization, contributions may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please contact your tax professional for more information.

September 24, 2013

Hello fellow Members and Friends of NEFS,

I would like to formally announce the Selwyn Oskowitz New England Fertility Society Endowment.  As many of you know, Dr Oskowitz was the driving force behind the creation of the Boston Fertility Society - now New England Fertility Society (NEFS) - nearly 25 years ago. His purpose was to foster social, collegial and academic interaction amongst all of our New England reproductive colleagues - physicians, nurses, embryologists, therapists, lab personnel, industry representatives and others.  He has always been ahead of his time and he is well known for his intellect, patient care, and gentle personality.   It is our wish to establish this endowment of $50,000 which will allow us to, in perpetuity, fund research, support a named lecture at the quarterly or annual meeting, or any other opportunity that you, our members, may suggest.  We need your support in this endeavor and hopefully you will be able to generously donate to honor Dr. Oskowitz for all that he has done for many of us personally, for this society and for too many to count grateful patients.  Full details on how you can donate are to follow in the next several days. 


Bob Oates, MD

Bob Oates, MD
NEFS Endowment Chair
Past-President, NEFS 2013





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