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Benefits of NEFS Membership  

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The New England Fertility Society is a society formed to promote awareness, standards of information, assistance to providers, and ultimately patients in the field of infertility in the New England area. Over 200 members including doctors, nurses, laboratory professionals and other staff in the field of fertility are enjoying the benefits of NEFS membership. Here are some reasons why you should consider joining our successful society:

•  Low membership rate for all professionals

•  Discounts of $75 to $95 on Annual Meeting Registration

•  Networking and social opportunities at all NEFS meetings

•  Opportunity to receive continuing education credits at all 4 meetings for MDs, Laboratory (ABB) and
    Nursing – at least 1 for the 3 dinner meetings and up to 8.5 for the Annual Meeting

•  Society Website with online resources

•  Members Only Membership Directory

•  Eligibility for application of Research Grants / Awards

•  Interaction with Corporate Sponsors and Vendors at Annual Meeting

•  Input into Society by running for elective office for Executive Board annually

•  Opportunity to organize and plan educational opportunities for membership professionals

•  Membership includes the opportunity to be involved in the interchange of ideas, data and observations
    amongst its members and to the New England medical community

•  Become aware of the status and developments of the particular needs of providers and patients in the
    field of assisted reproductive technologies in the greater Boston and New England areas

•  Be involved in the forum for the presentation of reports on current activities and data on programs in
    assisted reproductive technologies.

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