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The New England Fertility Society (NEFS) is an inclusive, voluntary,
non-profit organization providing continuing education for all members and other infertility professionals with a special interest in the field of infertility.
The society is dedicated to promoting awareness, standards of information,
and assistance to providers and ultimately patients in the field of infertility in
New England. Members must demonstrate high ethical principles in their medical profession, be invested in the field of infertility, reproductive medicine, reproductive biology, and adhere to the Bylaws of the Society.


Executive Committee ~ 2023


Davina Fankhauser, MA President    
Denis Vaughan, MDVice President    David Palmerino Treasurer    
Danielle Sheehan, MT, TS President-Elect  •  Catherine Tucker, JD Secretary    
Cynthia Hudson Member-at-Large  •  Emily Seidler, MD Past President


Evelyn Neuber, PhD - Connecticut    Benjamin Lannon, MD Maine    
Lauren Murphy, MD Massachusetts  •  Kristen Wright, MD New Hampshire    
May-Tal Sauerbrun-Cutler, MD Rhode Island  •  Jennifer Brown, MD Vermont    
Lindsay Haxhi Industry    Shelby Sparby, RN Nursing
Amy Altman, JD Legal    Elena Clamen, MA Mental Health  
Darlene Davies, TS, ABB Embryology    Lisa Rosenthal Advocacy



Michelle M. Picher

NEFS Bylaws 

Review the fundamental principles and rules regarding the internal management of the New England Fertility Society. View Bylaws

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