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NEW Research Grant Opportunity

(Sponsored by eIVF) 

Dear Esteemed New England Fertility Society Members, 

The NEFS along with eIVF, a prominent ART electronic medical record system, are pleased to announce the 2nd annual clinical research grants. A total of 10 grants will be awarded.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Any NEFS members (including in-training members) interested in using the extensive eIVF database for research purposes with the intentions of publishing their work and presenting data in 2018. This database is an extensive resource with access to approximately 30,000 ART cycles annually. The research will be performed on de-identified information of the researcher’s interest collected by eIVF. Therefore, an applicant does not need existing access to eIVF.

THE AWARDS: Three $1,000 grants and seven, $750 grants will be awarded. The three $1,000 awards will present their finding during a 10 minute oral presentation at the NEFS Annual Meeting on May 5th, 2018. The remaining winners will be presenting their research as a poster session on the evening of Friday, May 4th. All applicants need to be NEFS members at the time of submission, and all winners are required to attend the NEFS Annual Meeting at Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod on May 4-5th, 2018.

THE SUBMISSION: Please submit a maximum of 500 word abstract by midnight on
Wednesday, November 1st.

CLICK HERE to complete the research grant application, which is limited to 500 words to include proposal description, study design (including data fields required).

All abstracts will be reviewed by the NEFS Research committee, and by eIVF for feasibility. Winner will be announced via email on or around November 10th. We look forward to integrating this exciting research funding into our Society and hope that you will utilize this comprehensive resource.

The NEFS is excited to once again partner with eIVF to continue this grant for our members. Our Abstract and Research Committee is excited to share this opportunity with you!

Kindest Regards,

NEFS Abstract and Research Committee

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