Many members of NEFS have contributed to these and other advocacy successes, including Jill Attaman, Kate LeBlanc, Lee Rubin Collins, Rick Dietz, Davina Fankauser, Mark Hornstein, Pei-Li Huang, Wendy Kuohung, Ben Lannon, Evelyn Neuber, Samuel Pang, Christine Skiadas, Judy Stern, Catherine Tucker, Kristen Wright.  If you are involved in a legislative, judicial, or other public policy matter concerning reproductive medicine, the New England Fertility Society would like to include your name.  Please contact Lee Collins at or Catherine Tucker at

Another notable legislative victory was in New Jersey. It passed a bill that, among other things, provides insurance coverage to single individuals and same-sex couples who demonstrate infertility via intrauterine inseminations, and extends infertility coverage to state employees and teachers.

Veterans Who Need Fertility Treatment

NEFS, as well as RESOLVE and ASRM, have been active in efforts to help military veterans obtain infertility treatment and specifically IVF, which was excluded from the coverage provided by the Veterans Administration. In 2016, ASRM and SART ran “Serving Our Veterans,” a program to help military veterans afford treatment by offering discounted infertility care to veterans and their partners. At least 10 New England practices enrolled in this program.

In September 2016, we celebrated a significant victory: Congress passed a bill to provide certain wounded veterans with coverage for access to IVF. The benefit is in effect only until late 2018, however; efforts are underway to extend the benefit or make it permanent.

Personhood Bills

As of Sept. 10, 2017, three embryo-personhood bills, which declare that life and legal rights begin the moment an egg is fertilized, have been filed in the U.S. Congress. One bill, H.R. 681, has 138 co-sponsors; its companion bill in the Senate, S. 231, was filed by Sen. Rand Paul. Personhood bills have also been filed in eleven states, although none of them in New England.


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